Where Smooth Whisky meets Soulful Beats, come set your own stage!

Primal | Famfrit | Mist | Ward 23 | Plot 6
Every other Wednesday at 7pm-10pm est

Closed until Dawntrail except for morning popups

If you would like to perform, please contact Nyah Nyah either in-game or on Discord. We invite old or new performers to join us on stage for fun times!(RP friendly/SFW)

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Nyah Nyah

Nyah Nyah

Owner/Manager/BardFounder of the Whisky. Manager and Bard in The Lalafia/Music producer.Known for her cuteness.


Rain Nightshadow

Co-owner/BardChill and always sleepy. Might take your kneecaps if you don't give Gil or Cookies.Bard Leader of The Lalafia.Note any under table deals with the band members are at your own peril.


Alfred Zauviir

Co-owner/Bartender/BakerI am very shy but I am very food motivated, so I am just a few treats away from being your new best friend.


Alexander Zaramag


Whisky's Greeter/WaiterHe/They, Master napper, Lead Forgetter, Floor sweeping Manager, Shout enjoyer, Best in slot snack stealer, Artist Extraordinaire

Wind-up Alex

Wind-up Alexander


Whisky's Greeter/WaiterAlexander in smol form because of cute (He's cuter!)


Suze Spellbound


Whisky's resident DJ/WaitressTiny goth. If she's not mixing music she's probably causing trouble. Resident bar brat.



Whisky's MascotI am Fungus.
Please give me all of your money.

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Whisky logo made by: XENITH PI

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